This blog…

has now moved to where I will, hopefully, be posting more regularly than I’ve done here. 

My thanks to everyone who has stopped by, and especially to those of you who have commented or followed this blog.

I hope that you will continue to do so over on the new Sofa flying

To avoid future confusion this blog title has been changed to Looking skyward, along with a new header picture. I may even take it off the shelf occasionally and do a post.

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A wellie boot crusher…

has appeared on the same allotment that this is on!

A wellie boot crusher!

Oddly there are three boots showing upturned in the top. I didn’t look in the green bag underneath to see what, if anything, was in it.

I assume this is a hand-operated crusher of some kind, and I’d be grateful if someone could either confirm that or say what it is.

[Click on the picture to see a larger image]

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This picture…

is my new PC desktop background.

Snow leopard cub

It’s a snow leopard cub which was recently born at Dudley Zoological Gardens. As I’ve mentioned before these are my favourite animals, and I support the Snow Leopard Trust by showing their logo as a link over on the right-hand side.

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Outdoor lessons

This has appeared over the weekend on a nearby allotment. 

Outdoor lessons

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Every day…

Every day...

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Odd one out

I was walking round the allotment site a few days ago when I noticed these small plastic bottles being used as cane end protectors.

Odd one out

They’re certainly better than the more usual empty drink cans or bigger plastic bottles that most people seem to use.

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The Father Anselm books

The Day of the Lie by William BroderickThis morning I collected The Day of the Lie by William Brodrick which was reserved for me at the local library.  It’s the fourth in the Father Anselm books which started back in 2003 with The Sixth Lamentation. I read the second one, Gardens of the Dead, first but wasn’t a problem as they’re all stand alone books.

The third, A Whispered Name, won the 2009 CWA Gold Dagger.

One of the best cover quotes, by the Spectator, rightly says that William Brodrick’s crime novels have the great and unusual merit of being unlike anyone else’s.  

So far I’ve found them to be intelligent and thoughtful books which I’ve really enjoyed reading so I’m looking forward to this latest one, and the forthcoming, The Discourtesy of Death, which is due to be published towards the end of the year.

Happy reading!

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