Tickling the ivories

I’ve never learnt to play any musical instrument but if I had it would have been the piano. Sadly I’ve left it too late to even try as I now have arthritic finger joints.

Wellywoman’s husband Wellyman has his own, non gardening, blog titled pianolearner ~ The ramblings of an adult learning the piano.  

I enjoy reading his posts and watching/listening to the video clips that he often includes in them.  A recent one made me smile as it was Rowlf the piano playing dog in the Muppets, along with Fossie the bear, playing English Country Garden!

Happy listening and/or playing!

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a lifelong lawn lounger, sofa flyer and book buff.
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8 Responses to Tickling the ivories

  1. pianolearner says:

    Flighty, that’s really kind of you to post about my blog. I’m planning on uploading some videos of me playing soon. They will not be perfect, but the warts n all will be more in the spirit of a blog I guess. I’ll try to keep finding interesting/funny pieces to link to. The next thing for me to learn is Bach’s Air on a G String.
    Thanks for the mention :))))

  2. Jo says:

    I had piano lessons as a child, but didn’t get very far, I took a couple of exams.I really wish I hadn’t given it up now. We’ve got a keyboard which Eleanor is teaching herself to play the piano on. She’s not bad actually, to say she’s never had any lessons. She’s got a guitar too which she’s learning by herself.

  3. nikkipolani says:

    I shall have to visit Pianolearner again — lovely musings. I took lessons as a child but had very little talent for it. So many options now a days for learning, ’tis a shame your fingers are not up to it!

  4. snowbird says:

    Ahhhh….your poor fingers….my Dad had the same problem. Then he bought two silver chinese balls which he moved around in his hands. The improvement was incredible. Maybe you should try them.xxxxx

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